Jake Brewster Basketball

Jan 25, 2021

Despite everything that has been thrown his way, Jake Brewster said he is still enjoying his final year as a Cougar.

“It’s challenging with COVID and stuff, but overall, it’s been pretty fun," he said. "I’ve been enjoying it.”

The Canadian senior is a multi-sport athlete, participating in football, basketball, baseball, and track as well. Brewster said he likes the physicality with football, the grace of basketball, has played baseball since he was little, and trying out track for the first time this season.

But as busy as he’s going to be this season, he said he’s grateful to be able to do anything at all. With all the uncertainty stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, he said he’s glad to be able to take one final ride.

“Coming into the summer, I didn’t even know if we were going to be able to play sports at all,” Brewster said. “I’m just grateful that we’ve been able to actually play.”

Brewster describes himself as a positive person, and said that has helped him during the trials and tribulations that everyone has faced in the last year.

“I just try to keep a positive mind about everything,” Brewster said. “You don’t want to get to down on yourself, you want to stay positive all the time so nobody gets their head down.”

As he takes a look back on his life, Brewster said there are several special people that have been in his corner since day one. It’s because of them that he said has made a strong support group he can rely on in the good, and the bad.

“Definitely my parents. My parents have always supported me through everything,” Brewster said. “My girlfriend, who I’ve been dating since freshman year of high school, and my grandparents for sure.”

Looking out at his fellow Cougars, Brewster said it’s been great to go on the journey of high school with them as well — including fellow senior Brach Helmert, who stood close by watching the interview.

“(Also) my teammates. My boy Brach here has been with me since junior high. He always comes to my football games even though he doesn’t play,” he teased

After graduation, Brewster plans to either go to Eastern Oklahoma State College or East Central University and get teaching degree. He said he has aspirations of being both a coach and history teacher, shaping a whole new generation of young minds.

But why history?

“I just kind of like old things. I like going to museums and stuff like that,” Brewster said. “I think old stuff is kind of cool.”

But shaking away the dreams of the future, Brewster took one last look at his time in high school. He said that if he leaves any sort of legacy behind at Canadian, he wants it to be a positive impact on others.

“I’d like other people to think of me as a leader, that always kept upbeat and always kept everybody’s head up,” Brewster said.